My field of work is located at the intersection between communication consultancy, user experience design, content strategy, process development, innovation management, information architecture and presentation design.
I guess that sounds a bit abstract, so let me give you a couple of examples of what I can do:

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Strategy & Workflow

In a large project a client came to me looking for a solution that would enable her company to create simple, engaging explanations of their rather complex business model for an international customer base. I created a set of animation templates, which could easily be amended to produce additional web videos or presentations in the future. The resulting animations would use compositional visual metaphors that translate across cultures to illustrate a concept each. A voiceover track or presentation narrating the animation could then be added for each target language. Basically I created a culture agnostic do-it-yourself toolkit for producing streamlined web videos and presentations.

As an example of shorter projects we can take my presentation design services where I often come in to salvage presentations or help create a business pitch from scratch. Sometimes in a pinch, as summed up in this video:

The experience from churning out working prototypes allowed me to become somewhat of a one man media agency, if need be. For those of you fond of pop culture references you could say that I am the Mr. Wolf of all things communication. Just a side note to budding emergency clients: Please do consider hiring me as an architect rather than the fire brigade. As exciting as a race against the clock may be—we can produce jaw-to-the-floor great, not just passable, given the time!

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

June 2006 — Now

I have been working with various agencies and directly with clients since 2006 in Germany & started doing work for an international clientele from early 2011

June 2013 — Now
Managing Director pixelcraft innovation GmbH

Formerly pixelcraftbooks GmbH. A publishing laboratory turned into an R&D lab for communication technology.

August 2016 — Now
Partner Ideentransfer GmbH

A German strategy consultancy that specializes in doing rather than leaving you alone with implementation.

June 2001 — Now

A selection of jobs I took after school to bolster my wallet and/or experience: VP communications, consulting communication architect, journalism, copy writing, translation, assistant care for the elderly, production line at a chemical plant in the netherlands, tutor, moderator, university student council, club chairman, sports instructor for handicapped children, bar keeper, disc jockey, event manager, conference speaker and (with modest success I regret) funk metal fusion rock star


October 2001 — October 2012
Degree of M.A.

General Linguistics, Medieval Studies, English Studies
& Japanese Studies, Political Science, Philosophy

September 2004 — August 2005
Bekka Program at Keio University

Intercultural Communication and Japanese Postwar Economy along with the Japanese Language Program for Foreign Exchange Students

German & United States
High School

Andreas-Vesalius Gymnasium Wesel, Germany (2000)
& Ukiah High School, Oregon USA (1998)

Work With Me?

If you are still reading at this point I guess you are intrigued enough to look for more information. Obviously I’d love to help you out with any kind of challenge you are facing. You really should go ahead and contact me. Cheers!