Communication Architect

Jakob’s portrait

Hello there,

My name is Jakob Jochmann. I develop frameworks that help people understand each other and share their knowledge. In essence, I manage complexity of information. If I had to come up with a cool buzzword for what I do, it would probably be something like semantic communication architecture.

Semantic, because I explore how meaning can best be conveyed respective to the functional constraints of each communication medium. Communication in this context entails every bit of information that extends from one mind to another. Architecture, because I construct both blueprints and working prototypes or even complete implementations to tailor the flow of information. For my work I rely on knowledge in the fields of semantics, cognitive science, social science and intercultural communication and add a healthy dose of enthusiasm for design.

If you are interested in what I do, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also find some more detailed information about me on my work page and perhaps you may find some inspiration for your very own communication solutions in my lab or my blog. There I aim for the cutting edge. Sometimes I bleed, so you don’t have to.